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Stainless Steel Belt Buckle - Buckle Only

Stainless Steel Belt Buckle - Buckle Only

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Our patent pending designed Stainless Steel Belt Buckle that enables a YOKU leather belt strap to be swapped in and out with no moving parts and zero visible branding whilst on. It is made from 3D printed 316 Stainless Steel and will last 100+ years and in the most demanding of conditions (heat, cold, pressure, moisture).

Design cues taken from high end performance cars it is understated elegance and designed to sit at low profile making it the most comfortable belt buckle you can buy. The leading edges are rounded to avoid any digging into your waist.

It's almost impossible to find a great looking, well designed, long lasting and comfortable wearing dress belt. The YOKU Stainless Steel Belt Buckle solves all the challenges we had when trying to find the perfect men's belt. It has zero visible branding when being worn so you don't have to walk around with a small billboard. The use of a single piece of stainless steel means there is literally nothing to break. Our patented design makes it fast and easier to swap your Stainless Steel Belt Buckle on to a different YOKU belt strap. 

Key Features

  • Longest lasting belt buckle, no coating or finish to wear off
  • Streamlined shape makes it comfortable to wear, even for long periods seated
  • Interchangeable, lets you get the most out of your belts without having to buy an entirely new belt everytime you want a different option or put on (or lose!) a bit of weight
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