Update on YOKU

Update on YOKU

It's been a while since any major updates but a *lot* has happened so wanted to let you know all know the latest.

The design force that is Mark has completed a major redesign of the buckle which sees all the components that make it work moved to the inside of the buckle. This makes the whole experience truly magical.


New YOKU Buckle design

As well as this he has worked with the shape to reduce the material used which in turn reduces the weight making the belt even more comfortable and easy to handle.

These new prototypes have been hand made in silver and are being used for a whole range of photo shoots, which you'll see later

In other news we have made our final submission for the patent, after an exhaustive international search. Our unique approach to creating interchangeability without any moving parts has stood alone so we are excited to move into the next phase of the process.

And finally we have appointed a go to market partner who will be starting the process of early market testing very soon, more on that later.'


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YOKU is kind of magical