The surprisingly easy way to get the perfect belt measurement

The surprisingly easy way to get the perfect belt measurement

In need of a new belt? Not sure what your belt measurement is? For YOKU belts we have made it super simple to get the perfect belt size.

Using your old belt measurement

One way to get a great fit on your belt is to grab your old belt and measure from the edge of the frame to the hole that you use right now. It's important to try to lay the belt as flat as you can on the table and have it straight. An older belt will have a curve to it, especially if its leather so you'll need to correct for this

Once you have this flat and as straight as possible then simply lay a tape measure along side the belt and measure as shown in the images below.

Belt Measurement starting at the far edge of the frame

frame showing measuring tape

Belt measurement ends where the hole you use the most lines up. 

measuring belt to the most used hole

In this example I would need a 92 cm size YOKU belt 


The distance in cm is the length of your belt. If you only have inches on your measuring tape then convert to centimetres by multiplying by 2.54. For example if you measure 32 1/2 inches this would be 82.5cm. Round down to the nearest centimetre as leather tends to stretch. 


Importantly pay no attention to the difference between your pant size and your belt measurement. 


No belt? Try using a tape measure

If you don't have an existing belt you can use then the equivalent approach is to use a tailors measuring tape around your waist, over jeans/pants where you would normally wear them. You will want to have the tape be snug but not so tight you can't squeeze 2 fingers in behind the tape.

If you don't have a tailors measuring tape for your belt measurement then best to get a piece of string and do the above then lay that flat and taught againt a handyman's measuring tape

How YOKU sizes belt measurements

When we talk about our belt measurements in sizing we refer to the distance between the pin in the buckle and the middle hole. This means you have a bit of flex to move up or down a hole. If you get a lot bigger or smaller you can easily have any leather shoe shop punch another hole int your strap. It will need to be 4.5mm (3/16 of an inch) in diameter



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