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5 reasons why a YOKU belt is better than an MCM men's belt

5 reasons why a YOKU belt is better than an MCM men's belt

So you're considering buying a designer belt, maybe an MCM belt is one of the options you have considered. Maybe this belt is for yourself or perhaps you are buying a belt as a wedding gift or birthday present for someone else. Whatever your reasons if you are considering a MCM men's belt then here is 5 reasons you should buy a YOKU instead

MCM men's belts vs YOKU - the 5 key differences

1. The actual belt in an MCM mens belt isn't made of high quality leather, infact it's not even leather. It's made of canvas with a leather coating. This means it won't have the feel of leather, the smell of leather or the durability of leather. Unless you want to buy an MCM belt every few years then you should buy a YOKU belt, which are full grain leather belts, which are renowned for their durability. 

2. The MCM belt is covered in MCM branding. Now, this may be the only reason you are buying it but if you're buying it for someone else what you may not realise if thatI most guys don't want branding on their belts. We know this as we surveyed over 100 people when researching and designing our YOKU belts and found that lack of visible branding was consistently in the top 3 reasons people liked the YOKU belt. People like brands as they like the quality they can represent but most guys don't want to be a walking billboard for the company much less pay hundreds of dollars for the pleasure. YOKU belts have zero branding. 

3. The MCM belt has a basic reversible design which means it is limited to only 1 or 2 options. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a belt and having only the option of 1 or maybe 2 colours. YOKU has a globally patented buckle design that means you can buy straps in a range of colours to suit your taste, needs or that one off party or event. The individual straps can be bought separately for ~$30 USD so you have all the benefit of a beautifully designed, high quality belt but without having to spend hundreds of dollars when you want it go with something else you have planned

4. The MCM belt is not built to last. A combination of canvas and leather of undetermined origin mean you are potentially only getting a few years out of your MCM belt. Compare this with a YOKU belt which has a buckle forged from a single piece of metal and belt straps that combine metal fused around the highest quality Italian leather and whilst being completely interchangeable have zero moving parts. Nothing moving means nothing breaking. A YOKU belt is engineered to last the owner a lifetime.

5. The MCM belt design will come and go. Like all large fashion brands a belt is an add-on, an afterthought and the belt you buy today won't exist in a few seasons. The best products are designed to be 'in fashion' for many decades. Great design never gets old. YOKU have spent over 3 years designing our men's belt and unlike fashion brands this belt is the only thing we make and sell. When you buy a YOKU belt you are buying into an ethos of buying better. Read more about our ethos here


So if you got online today to buy an MCM belt but you or the person you are buying for cares about design, sustainability, functionality or not being a walking advertisement then a YOKU belt will be a better belt to buy and own.

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