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5 reasons why a YOKU mens belt is better than a Gucci mens belt

Want to buy a high quality belt? Perhaps it's a birthday or Christmas gift? 'Gucci mens belt' is one of the most searched belt terms but they are by no means the highest quality belt option you can get. Here are 5 reasons why a YOKU belt is a better choice instead of a Gucci men's belt


1. The Gucci mens belt is overly expensive so you have to ask what you are paying for. It's the shops on the high street, the ads in the flashy magazines. At YOKU we believe that you should buy long lasting, high quality items generally and we designed our belt to be the best mens belt money can buy but we specifically priced it to make it affordable to more people. If you're paying > $700+ for a high quality belt then you're the product, not the belt.

2. The Gucci belt is covered in Gucci branding. Now, this may be the only reason you are buying it but if you're buying it for someone else what you may not realise is that most guys don't want logos all over their belts. We know this as we surveyed hundreds of people when researching and designing our YOKU belts and found that lack of visible branding was one of the top 3 reasons people liked the YOKU belt. YOKU belts have zero visible branding. 

3. The Gucci belts are 'single option' designed. Basically you get a belt and a buckle for your $700+ and hopefully that goes with what you're wearing. YOKU has a patented interchangeable design that means you can swap the belt strap so your belt can go with whatever you're wearing. This means the belt goes with anything and can become your favourite belt. YOKU belts come with 1 buckle and 2 straps by default and you can always buy more straps in the future

4. The Gucci mens belt comes in huge amounts of packaging. This may not sound like a lot but this tells you a lot. It tells you the brand/company cares more about putting their brand into your home than they do about the environment. A YOKU belt comes in minimal and recycled packaging. We want the focus to be on the product you will own, the belt itself.

5. The Gucci belt design will come and go. Like all large fashion brands a belt is an add-on, an afterthought and the belt you buy today won't exist in a few seasons. The best products are designed to be 'in fashion' for many decades. YOKU have spent over 3 years designing our men's belt and unlike fashion brands this belt is the only thing we make and sell. When you buy a YOKU belt you are buying into an ethos of buying less and owning things for the long term. Read more about our ethos here


So if you got online today to buy an Gucci belt but you or the person you are buying for cares about design, sustainability, functionality or not being a walking advertisement then a YOKU belt will be a better belt to buy and own.

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