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Hands down the best men's belt I have ever owned. Light, well made, no branding, goes with everything, nothing more.

Justin Bohlmann

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Creating the highest quality men's belt we could

YOKU was started with the sole purpose of creating the most durable, versatile and beautiful men's belt. Over 3 years went into the now patented design of our belt buckle. This buckle is made from 3D printed Stainless Steel and the mechanism enables the leather belt to be swapped out without the need for any moving parts.

This design for our men's belt means the leather belt can be swapped to suit whaver you are wearing. With no moving parts there is nothing to break so the belt is designed to outlast it's keeper.

When you buy a YOKU men's belt for yourself or for someone else you don't merely buy it, or own it, you keep it. This is a men's belt that stays with you for a lifetime.

YOKU makes an ideal gift for a wedding, birthday or major life milestone celebration. It carries no visible branding so you don't wander around looking like a billboard for someone else's brand.

It is sturdy enough to wear with jeans but thin enough to wear with suit or other smart casual pants. It is your everyday, every way mens leather belt that you can literally leave in your favourite pants

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